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Jan 22nd, 2018 | Josh Krampitz
Is God’s Timing Perfect? (Before I begin, I feel the need to preface this article by asking the reader to please hold the cliches. I have heard them all before and I have said them probably just as much. These next few thoughts are coming at a moment of transparent vulnerability based on how I … more »
Dec 20th, 2017 | Josh Krampitz
Should Christians Give Christmas Gifts? About two years ago, I had an epiphany about the shallow, consumerism of today’s “holiday season” and I became infuriated. On my way back to my dorm from class, I called my mom and shouted “WE ARE NOT EXCHANGING GIFTS THIS CHRISTMAS!” She responded slowly, “Okaaaaay… what is it this … more »
Dec 20th, 2017 |
A Church Inspired by “No” They told us “No” and we were disappointed. They asked us to dream and we did. Our dream must not have resonated with them thus we did not get the money. That’s ok. This past September our denomination, the Christian and Missionary Alliance, provided us an incentive to dream about … more »
Dec 14th, 2017 |
Stay up to Date With the Latest from Our Protege Program Protégé, the two year ministry residency program at Hope The Breakfast Church, has released the Winter 2018 Interview Calendar. Important calendar dates are as follows: Dec 7 Indiana Wesleyan University interviews Feb 6-8 Crown College classroom presentations and interviews Feb 22 Grace College Intern … more »
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