Aaron White | Youth Leader
Aaron White has lost track of how long he has attended Hope, but he faintly remembers a small amount of time before Pastor Chet Berry took the helm.  His passion for youth ministry stems from a deep desire to foster a living, personal, communion-based faith in God in the students at Hope; a relationship with him that becomes real and will, therefore, persist as the difficulties and complexities of life crowd in.

Aaron has been married to his wife Jessica for 8 years and has three children: William, 7; Isaiah, 4; and Isabelle, 2.  He stays home full-time and takes care of the wee ones, while his wife earns the bread.  But he loves it, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Outside of church and family, Aaron loves to read and collect books; visit as many National Parks as he can (and hike them profusely), and play with his kids.