Winter Jam 2018

Feb 15th, 2018 | Josh Krampitz

Who Needs Oladipo to Have fun at Banker’s Life?

This past Saturday, Aaron and I had the pleasure of taking a crew of youth down to Banker’s Life Fieldhouse to see one of the biggest Christian music tours ever! Hosted by Newsong, this tour features not only some big name artists like Skillet, Newsong, and Kari Jobe feat. Cody Carnes, but also some popular radio hits like Jordan Feliz and Building 429. Another awesome addition was Addison Agen, former finalist on the most recent season of The Voice. KB, a popular Christian rapper, captivated with his catchy hooks and raw energy and John Crist did the same with his hysterical satire and unabridged comedy. What was really special was the speaker, Nick Hall, who talked about baggage and then to see so many youth in the Indianapolis area dedicate or re-dedicate their lives to Christ. That, to me, was the most special part of the evening.

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