When “No” Inspires

Dec 20th, 2017 |

A Church Inspired by “No”

They told us “No” and we were disappointed. They asked us to dream and we did. Our dream must not have resonated with them thus we did not get the money. That’s ok.

This past September our denomination, the Christian and Missionary Alliance, provided us an incentive to dream about ministry initiatives. The question was posed, “What would you do with an extra $30k that you are not presently doing in ministry?” Around HTBC, that was a pretty easy question to answer.
We want a food truck.

Food trucks are all the rage in Indianapolis. They provide people with some unique food choices at area events, work places, or on the circle in downtown Indy. We want a Breakfast Church food truck for several reasons.
a. Food is a tool for much of what we do around Breakfast Church. We have found that a 300 lb man can be hid behind an 8 oz cup of coffee. Add bacon and eggs to that scenario and that man will be engaged in conversation far beyond the superficial, passing conversation. The Holy Spirit has been the vehicle by which our church culture has changed in intensified efforts to create community inside and outside of the church. Food has been the tool by which the Spirit has accomplished much.
b. We want a food truck because we need an alternative source of income for our Protégé ministry. Protégé is a two-year residency program for college age adults who seek greater exposure to ministry. These young folk need part-time employment as well as the experience of business development for their future endeavors in a changing American culture.
c. We need a food truck in order to take the benevolent efforts of HTBC to the community…instead of merely expecting the community to come to us. With an ever growing attitude of independence and isolation in our Midwest culture, taking “church on the road” is not a luxury, but a necessity.
d. We require a food truck because many people need to see the “Church” in a different light . They need to see that God will not be placed in a box and that He is the author of creativity. They need to understand that Christians are accessible, transparent, heart-motivated people. They need to know that God can do, and will do, new things.

So we heard no. That’s ok. All of us hear “no” from time to time. Most people quit upon hearing it. Not us. No way. No how.
I read that Colonel Sanders heard “no” 1,009 times before finding success with his chicken. Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City star paper due to his “lack of creativity”. Henry Ford had two companies fail before building a successful company around a product that no one knew they needed. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.

Do we know how we’re going to achieve success in our purchase and launch of a food truck ministry at HTBC? We’re almost clueless…what we have is passion and some good “guestimates”. Did any of the aforementioned people know exactly how they were to face challenges in their lives? I don’t think so.
What they had was determination. I’m convinced that some of the best people to partner with in life are those who possess a dream and are determined to accomplish that dream…with or without you. Those are dreams realized.
As disappointed as I was in hearing that we did not get the Dream Incentive Grant, I felt grateful that our denomination asked us to dream. That request moved us from thoughts and prayers to a plan of action. That request will make a difference in the kingdom for all eternity.
That request will be realized in a food truck.  Be blessed!

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