Raised in the Church and Making it Home

Dec 14th, 2017 |

Attention: Calling all Millennials to Action

Many young adults choose to leave church or organized religion at the first opportunity that presents itself…often that opportunity is realized during college. When one chooses to stay in church…and go so far as to become a recognized member of the church…that’s significant. In an age of consumerism, what does HTBC offer that entices the young adult to establish roots? Perhaps the choice this individual made wasn’t about consuming at all…perhaps it was about giving. In the past 4 weeks HTBC has raised funds for a Christmas effort championed by a Puerto Rico church and received pledges to intensify engagement in India, Germany, and the inner-city of Chicago. The church reports that one out of three dollars received at HTBC are given to ministries outside of the local context. Perhaps it is the giving nature of the church that inspires the involvement of the Millennial today. Whatever the reason, acknowledge the participation of the Millennial the next time you see them. A pat on the back goes a long way.

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