What Was Mary Thinking?

Dec 13th, 2017 |

A Point of Pondering

I think my best thoughts occur when I take the time to ponder. A website I came across recently stated that pondering was the process of placing two things alongside each other for the sake of comparison. I believe it said placing them “in the neighborhood” of each other and I got to thinking, or pondering perhaps: “what happens if the two things I’m comparing aren’t in the greatest of neighborhoods?” Might what is deemed better or more desirable than something else really not seem all that great simply because the standard is too low? Could the opposite be true? What if my comparison is up against a standard that I could never reach? I began to get a bit overwhelmed in my pondering.

This Christmas season, I’ve taken some time to consider the role of Mary. The Bible says that when the shepherds shared all that had happened to them in the fields: that angels had appeared and the glory of God lit up the night sky; that she took all the excitement of all that they had said and pondered it treasuring those ponderings and conclusions in her heart.

I Wondered…What Was She Thinking About?

Perhaps Mary’s position in her culture came into question one more time; A young girl from the no-good town of Nazareth now hearing words of encouragement from Shepherds, of all people, was certainly something to ponder. Perhaps she was overwhelmed by the scene around her. The angel had called her blessed, but her idea of what blessed looked like and God’s understanding of “blessing” might have been two different things as she placed the Messiah in a feed trough. Maybe the gifts of the Magi confirmed in her heart that her son would simultaneously hold the role of king and servant, that his life would be a ransom for humankind. Perhaps the moment of celebration held by all worshiping the Christ child was not all celebration for Mary.

I think all of those things may have been true, but my ponderings have taken me to a different
conclusion. I believe Mary’s ponderings compared the inadequacies of our human nature to the
unobtainable perfection that is only found in God. The child that she held to her breast was the
redeemer of all humankind. This was God in the form of man.

That our Creator would take on the form of His creation is something to ponder. All because He loves you.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Chet Berry

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