We Blame God

Nov 7th, 2017 | Josh Krampitz

Blaming God for the Tragedy on November 5th

God’s choice to let man choose his own path is undoubtedly one that He has to live with, but true love can manifest no other way. Some would say that “love” is in an immovable blanket of protection or impenetrable safety, but instead, God chose to give His creation choices with high hopes for our morality. However, the persistence of evil nags away, ripping at our very souls, leaving God, the maker of both Heaven and Earth, utterly heartbroken.

November 5th is no exception to that illustration. Words cannot describe the pain felt and echoed throughout the world, cries that will be heard long after the burial of those 26 victims in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Cries from family members, friends, loved ones, and even the Heavenly Father that will carry the weight of pain for years to come; but is “why” the right question for us to ask? Are there not professional investigators handling that? Was this not just a dispute between a man and his mother-in-law?

I think to over spiritualize this tragedy is to blame a God in mourning for a crime that He did not commit. Judgement will be upon that man soon, if not already, but instead we blame God? Really? He is hurting more than we can even begin to process. This awful moment in our history is not the result of a relationship between man and God, but man and man; and to twist that is failure to empathize with a God who has, quite frankly, taken so much more blame than He deserves.

Was not the atonement of our sins by His own Son not enough for our reassurance of a loving God? The tragedies and sin of this world can never dismantle the Father’s love and to question that very love is to discredit the sacrificial lamb who died to give even Devin Kelley a second chance.

God loves us through and despite our choices, but even when the choices of another rip at the beating heart of humanity, God still loves us. His tears will never dry and even if our hearts stop beating, His heart for you and me never will.

Josh Krampitz

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